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Letter From The President


I want to thank all the chapters who attended the past state meeting. With the change of venue we appreciated you being able to be there to discuss problems and legislative issues we have.

On the legislative front the helmet bill that was introduce has not moved or had a senate sponsor at this time. Our vulnerable road user bill is in both the senate and the house. Our request for money for our safety has also been filed. We have more support from the legislators then we have had in the past and our friends are sticking by us.

Our organization has been here for over 35 years fighting for motorcycle rights. We’ve had our ups and downs but have always maintained a forward motion. Some problems we have are people who break the law speeding and then get a ticket for riding without a helmet and don’t have insurance. They then call us and want us to do something about it and they aren’t a member nor want to be. We do bills to protect and help the motorcyclists of Florida but if you cannot support this organization then don’t come to us and ask us to settle you problems. Also it doesn’t do us any good to complain about any actions by police five or ten years ago. The legislature wants proof of what’s happening now in Florida. That’s why we need up to date accident information to use in Tallahassee. If people want our help to fight then support Abate of Florida, Inc. I haven’t seen any organizations donating money to this organization but I do see every charity receiving money from motorcycle groups all over the state. We are the only organization fighting in the capitol for the rights of motorcyclists.

The run to the Capitol in April is coming soon and we need to make plans to show the legislators we believe in our agenda and want their support. Until then “Ride Safe and Free”!!!!!

James "Doc" Reichenbach II