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Letter From The President


It's been a couple of weeks since the last state meeting but I want to thank Peace River for hosting the meeting. As usual they did a great job. This letter is only going to deal with a situation that came up today in the Florida legislature.

Today I received an update from the Florida legislature that will affect every MOTORCYCLIST IN THE STATE IF IT PASSES. It is House Bill 419 and will require every rider in the state to carry the exact same insurance as automobile. What that will mean is we will have to carry PIP. The insurance companies have never liked this because it could put us off our motorcycles and the cost could be atrocious. This is a call to arms check with the legislative officer to find out what committees this bill is going to and who are on the committees. You need to contact your legislators and tell them to vote no on this bill.

House Bill 2018 will put $300,000 in Abate of Florida, Inc's hands for Motorcycle safety.

House Bill 117 and Senate Bill 116 both are our vulnerable road user bills.

Senate Bill 346 requires moped riders under the age of 21 to wear a helmet but the problem is they could place a amendment on it that would require all of us to wear a helmet.

It sounds like open season on all motorcyclists. Now is the time if you have never called you legislators and you want to remain free then call the abate legislative officer and then call your Senator and House member tell them vote NO on HB 419 and Senate Bill 346.

The next state meeting will be in Vero Beach we will really discuss these bills and the impact they could have on us. Until then Ride Safe and Free!!!

James "Doc" Reichenbach II