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Letter From The President


The June state meeting has passed into history and the same with the 2017 legislative session. The helmet law bill faded into the night without a hearing. Our vulnerable road user bill had sponsors in both the house and the senate but did have a hearing. We have a tough row to hoe on this bill as there are senators who want to have motorcycles struck from the statutes as vulnerable road users. They believe what ever happens to us we deserve and they have no conscious what so ever about us dying. The Governor again vetoed our $300,000 in safety money with no explanation. The Governor has decided to run for the U.S. Senate next year and we will be prepared for that election. Next years legislative session is in January and our ride to the Capitol will be in February.

I want to welcome the new North Orlando chapter that was voted in at the June meeting and we are looking forward to having another chapter join shortly. It is great to finally see young people getting involved to start learning the process to fight for their rights.

I had discussions with the life insurance company and the $4000 death and dismemberment policy has been reinstated. American Life has paid out over $250,000 to our members in the past ten odd years. It has been a blessing to our members and their families.

I again want to thank our members for all their support through the years and please when you’re out riding be aware as these cars and trucks don’t see you. The officer training seminars are July 7-8 in Ocala. Until then dodge the raindrops and ‘Ride Safe and Free!!!!!’

James "Doc" Reichenbach II