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Poll Workers

Poll Workers are an important component of the elections process.  Poll Workers are the front-line representation of the Supervisor of Elections office.  Often, a voter may never see a Supervisor of Election staff member, but will see Poll Workers at their polling location on Election Day. 

Poll workers are hired or appointed by the Supervisor of Elections in each county. There are some differences from county to county. Most poll workers are paid volunteers. If you are interested in being a poll worker please contact your Local Supervisor of Elections office in your county for more information. Many have websites that you can visit for more information also.

Please find the following example of information concerning poll workers that can be found on the internet, courtesy of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website.

Broward County Poll Workers are highly trained individuals who are active voters, serving their community and local government proudly.  Poll Workers interact well with the public and work well in stressful situations.  To become a Broward County Poll Worker, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a registered voter in Broward County .
  • You must fill out an Election Day Support Workers Application.
  • You must attend a Poll Worker Orientation Class.
  • You must attend a minimum of 3 to 8 hours of Poll Worker training, depending on position.

Broward County Poll Workers are paid volunteers. Poll Worker positions consist of:

Clerk ($200)

Manages overall tasks, activities, and poll workers in the polling place, including rotating poll worker assignments to ensure that no one remains on their feet all day. Picks up Election Day materials from the Regional Site prior to Election Day. Visits assigned precinct the day before the Election, ensures all supplies have been delivered and assists the VST in setting up the precinct. Returns specified materials to assigned Regional Site on Election Night.

Assistant Clerk ($155)
Assists the Clerk and shares his/her duties as needed and may substitute for the Clerk if they are unable to serve. Collects voter authorization slips. Rotates through poll worker assignments as necessary throughout the day.

Voting System Technician ($190) 
Picks up Election Day materials from Regional Site prior to Election Day.  Sets up the iVotronic voting units the day before the election; provides technical support in the precinct on Election Day; returns equipment and materials to assigned Regional Site on Election Night.  The VST also serves as the Demonstrator Inspector for the precinct, and activates ballots for voters. 

Field Voting System Technician ($190 + Mileage)
Attends an additional training session, where Election Day materials and supplies are distributed.  Contacts VSTs for assigned region before Election Day.  Conducts site visits of assigned precincts on Election Day; completes site checklists; logs VST status calls and provides support to VSTs throughout Election Day.  Returns materials and supplies to specified Regional Site Election Night.

Special Deputy ($160 + Mileage) 
Picks up supplies for Election Day at "Special Distribution and Training Meeting" prior to Election Day.  Becomes familiar with geography of assigned area.  Posts signs and/or delivers materials, supplies, etc. to assigned locations.  Follows instructions of Supervisor of Election's office throughout Election Day.  Returns assigned materials to Voting Equipment Center after polls close.

Inspectors ($150)
Assists with setup and break-down of precinct. Follows specific Inspector responsibilities as directed by the Clerk.